Retired used car dealer loves himself some good game of Toto everyday

Harper In is a 72 year old gentleman who recently sold out his small chain of used car dealerships which he founded back in the year 1981. Harper has sold out the business but his mind, heart and soul are still attached to the used car industry; Since selling out his car dealership chain, Harper has been blogging about the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for the used car buyers.

Harper says that all the car dealers claim that customer satisfaction is their no.1 priority but the only way it can be detected is by reading their reviews on some specific citation website that has extremely rigorous and strict rules regarding the spam.

Harper claims that a certified used car doesn’t mean much nowadays in any part of the world and the buyer must be as careful while buying a certified car as he/she would be while buying a non-certified one.

Harper claims that sometimes the most well-educated car buyers make the greatest of blunders while buying a used car. Harper claims to know some of the most avid car related magazine and books readers that made the worst decision when it came to buying a used car.

Harper warns his readers of used auto dealers with no or a few employees as they tend to manipulate their buyers the most. Harper says that he doesn’t mean to say that the major used car dealers with large chains and big showrooms are always honest but he claims they are not as likely to spend all their time and energy into manipulating you as their smaller counterparts.

Harper loves himself some good game of Toto at least a couple of hours a day and that’s the reason why he is very regular on one particular Toto website (토토사이트)

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