Step-by-step this step gambling lover traveled almost all of Latin America

Kovic Champan is the owner of a popular SEO agency in the Loei city of Thailand.

Kovic recently enjoyed a trip to Santiago, Chile with the money he won with the step (บอลสเต็ป) gambling. Kovic has been to much of Latin America, the state of Goa in India, Spain, Portugal and all the prominent cities of Florida. Kovic says that he is reminded of beaches and seas whenever he thinks of the Spanish or Portuguese people. Kovic really appreciates their obsession with it. Kovic says that Florida is his all-time most favorite destination and he goes to the extent of saying that Canada doesn’t have a Florida just because there has never been a Spanish or Portuguese settlement there.

Kovic has a very popular blog on his SEO agency’s official website which is more notorious for his political statements, conspiracies and travel posts than SEO related posts.

Kovic has many scientist and doctor friends, he says that never before the scientists and doctors had been more envious of the engineers than they are now since the IT revolution took place. Kovic says that the case is at its worst in India where people avoid visiting a doctor and the IT growth is unprecedented and faster than in most other countries. Kovic says that the ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors are happy instead of being envious of engineers as they didn’t have much patients before the IT revolution took place as well and seeing the tears in the eyes of the western medicine practitioners brings the tears of joy in the eyes of the ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors of India.

Kovic claims that the Indian government has imposed greater custom duties on electric and hybrid vehicles than the regular vehicles in order to make the richest Indian ever – Mukesh Ambani even richer. Kovic says that no matter how much the Indian government and its “puppet” mainstream media tries to portray that they love the environment, atmosphere and are anti-pollution, the reality is quite the opposite, Kovic says that they love the greenery but “money-greenery”.

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