Fishing Equipment seller hopes to win enough money with Eurolotto to have his own car company

Ingmar Nissen owns a fishing equipment retail chain with stores in all the major cities and towns of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Ingmer says that he is glad to know that several Muslims, Hindus, Jews that he knows celebrate Christmas every year.

Ingmer is an auto enthusiast who claims to have studied the automobile industry of several different parts of the world. Ingmer claims that back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a Suzuki WagonR or Hyundai Santro in India was equivalent to a BMW 7 Series in USA.

Ingmer believes that Suzuki didn’t play its cards right in the USA otherwise it had a great potential there. Ingmer says that Suzuki launched the cars that didn’t suit the American car market at all.

Ingmer says that if you are a family man then don’t compromise style for the comfort. Ingmer says that there are several models around at almost every price tag that offer style, practicality and comfort.

Ingmer claims that Suzuki bikes are far superior to any other, the second closest to Suzuki bikes are Honda motorcycles; Yamaha and Kawasaki stand no chance in comparison to Suzuki or Honda, Ingmer claims.

Ingmer claims to have the secret information that the Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer – TVS wants to get into making cars.

Ingmer wonders if Volvo ever gets into making motorcycles, will they be able to motorcycles as safe as they create cars?

Ingmer says that it is one of his dreams to have his own car company that will only design retro-styled cars and the cars will be available in multi-colors and mostly pastel colors.

Ingmer really expects that he will one day win enough money with Eurolotto to fulfill this dream of his.

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