He sold handmade lockets on eBay but now he finances his gambler but genius nephew to turn his innovative ideas into a reality

Jordan Ramirez started his business career with selling handmade lockets on eBay but today he owns a factory of his own that manufactures front guards, carriers, rear guards, side steps, door visors for each and every Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and Honda available in the market.

Jordan attributes his marvelous success to his passion for automobiles and that’s the reason why he daily makes a post on his factory’s blog related to automobile.

Jordan claims that the best Land Rover VFM product any day is the Land Rover Discovery for over past one decade or so. Jordan says that the Discovery should be the flagship model of Land Rover instead of the Range Rover.

Jordan recently wrote about how his one and only nephew who is an engineer has been working day and night to create a stunner most powerful ever – 11000 cc pick-up truck which will only come in black color. Jordan also made a claim that this nephew of has been obsessed with the Indonesian gambling websites since the day he learnt the Indonesian language and his most favorite of them all is liga gambling websites (situs liga bola) which he can never get enough of. Jordan also claims that this nephew of his is extremely handsome and has a unique charm that draws all the ladies towards him but he is not interested in women and is camera-shy as well.

Jordan believes that Auto Racing Industry has gotten extremely boring in the recent past and they need to do loads of innovations to save it otherwise the industry will be a history.

Jordan likes to joke that he loves cars so much that he drips precum whenever he sees a stunning car.

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