Cockfight betting is a guilty pleasure and secret of many of the topmost successful people that you know

Ben Goff is a talent agency owner who advises on his blog to never join a talent agency that wasn’t founded by a an actor himself/herself. The funniest thing is that Ben himself never ever acted in a movie, forget about a movie, he never even acted in a theater play.

Ben also says that the biggest and the best question to ask a talent agency is “How many established actors or models are already there at your agency?”

Ben claims that he has had the opportunity to work with a variety of casting directors throughout his career and he prefers the ones that speak lesser, doesn’t matter which gender they belong to.

Ben’s talent agency only offers one type of membership unlike others that sell silver, bronze, gold and platinum memberships.

Ben says that the people that complain about tough parking, no restaurants or cafes around all the time are not at all serious or passionate about their work. Ben says that these people should stop wasting their time hoping to become successful in the field of acting.

Ben claims that the boutique style talent agencies are great for the freshers or shy students but one shouldn’t expect that they can get you much work. Ben claims that his agency has been a large one from the very beginning and he is proud of the same. Ben says that there is a misconception that the boutique styled talent agencies are easier to run but opposite is true in this field.

Ben has his own guilty pleasures and apart from sex and smoking, Ben loves betting and he loves them more on cockfight websites (sabung ayam).

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