Amazon HR Employee has many interesting ideas about the politics, religion and gambling

Christian Fratini is a Human Resource and Operations Administrator at Amazon Inc with a thing for gambling on credit (pulsa judi).

Christian is highly interested in the global politics and she says that what is considered degeneracy in western developed countries is considered normal in still developing third-world countries. Christian says that the only thing that he respects about the still-developing countries is that they are mostly against using sex for selling stuff and oversexuality in general.

Christian has studied the Indian history and politics very well and he claims that Subhash Chandra Bose committed suicide after getting tortured badly by the military of Germany.

Christian also claims that the whole world is after Pakistan as it is the only Islamic nuclear power. Christian believes that the Anti-Pakistan powers want to destroy the biggest irrigation scheme on the planet – Lloyd Barrage in Pakistan.

Christian’s one and only sister – Layla used to work at the Scosche but left her job to find her own company inspired by the Scosche itself.

Christian claims that the electrons, protons and neurons represent the trinity in Christianity and Hinduism. Christian says that this prove that the Holy Trinity is a truth and hence Hinduism and Christianity are true religions.

Christian also claims that different Hindu gods represent different atoms with different size, shape and mass.

Christian also claims that prehistoric Hindu scriptures clearly says that the god is atom. Christian says that it is clearly mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that the god is present everywhere but it cannot be destroyed or created.

Christian claims that the Escort Tractor company of India has a huge potential but it is run by a sex maniac.

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