Casino and Gambling Blogger loves automobiles as much as she does her business and the good old ‘Judi’

Yildiz Kusuma has been involved in the fire extinguisher business for over 8 years now. Yildiz has always been passionate about cars and gambling along with whatever business she ever gets involved in.

Yildiz has always been very outspoken about what she thinks will be the future of the auto industry and what she thinks about different cars belonging to the different automakers.

Yildiz says that just like hybrids are the choice of the cab drivers and petrol/diesel vehicles are mainly the choice of the buyer that is buying a car for the personal use, soon enough the electric vehicles will be the choice of the cab drivers and hybrid cars will be the choice for the personal use of the buyers.

Yildiz says that it is funny how the Indian automaker Tata bought off the JLR (Jaguar and Land Rover), SAIC – a Chinese automaker bought MG, Rolls Royce got bought out by the BMW, it looks like they are all taking revenge on the British empire for fighting wars with them, oppressing them and for even enslaving them.

Yildiz believes that comparing the Honda Civic with Toyota Corolla is like comparing apples with oranges and same is the case when you compare Toyota Yaris with Honda Fit, Nissan Leaf or Ford Fiesta.

Yildiz says that no matter how bad and unreliable the Cadillacs have gone compared to their past but they are still a better choice than any of their German counterparts except the Mercedes.

Yildiz is a casino and gambling blogger just like me and just as in my case, she is never ashamed to admit that she knows almost every trusted gambling online agent (Agen Judi Bola).

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