Young industrialist woman loves to flaunt her curves, her command in the Indonesian language and the money she keeps winning with QQ288

Jessica Oakley used to be a Legal Executive Assistant at Amazon Inc until she found her own company that manufactures frost free refrigerators and room air conditioners.

One of the ways that Jessica uses to make her company popular is blogging. Jessica is notorious for posting controversial posts on her blogs and one of those was about how coffee is more dangerous than cigarettes in the long run and the scientists will soon come up with this truth when they will see more and more people dying with cardiac arrests, hypertension and cancer caused by coffee.

Once Jessica made a post on her blog mentioning that if an unmarried girl starts selling her body to make a living, it is her parents’s mistake 90% of the time.

Jessica claims that Pakistani-Punjabi comedians are far better than the Punjabi Hindu or Sikh comedians. Jessica believes that the reason behind Pakistani-Punjabi comedians being better than their Hindu or Sikh counterparts is that they are mostly hybrids, for example, born to an Arab mother and Punjabi Gujjar father and so on but the Punjabi-Hindus are mostly Aroras, Khatris, Pandits and Baniyas that do not believe in intercast marriages and marry within their own community and same is the case with the Punjabi-Sikhs who are mostly Chamars and Jatts.

Jessica claims that she has the secret information about the Queen Victoria being very much for the beauty pageant competitions although she preached chastity and purity all the time. Jessica says that she doubts whether Queen Victoria was a lesbian or bisexual because Jessica claims to have read each and every book that defines the personal life of Queen Victoria and she doesn’t seem much interested in men anywhere but she is found complimenting the beauty of a female body in many speeches and writings of her.

Jessica also likes to flaunt about her command in the Indonesian language on her blog and the money she has won with Indonesian gambling websites, especially qq288.

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