HR executive at a hospital chain bets on s128 to stay worry-free

Deniz Yu started her career as a medical coder at a Medical Coding, Billing and Research company and within less than 3 years she is a HR executive at a hospital chain. Surprisingly enough, Deniz attributes all her career success to staying worry-free due to regularly betting on s128.

Deniz likes to stay stress and worry-free but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have anything to say about the serious topics like politics. Deniz follows politics very closely and she claims that the Muslim fundamentalism and fanaticism even existed in Turkey before Erdogan took the oath. Deniz claims that one of her Turkish co-workers told her that one guy was killed in the Marmaris city of Turkey just because he was preaching for the ancient Hindu medical system – Ayurveda back in the year 2001. He further told Deniz that government didn’t even bother to investigate the case properly or perhaps the cops were also religious fanatics.

Deniz says that just like many Protestants admire Judaism, many Catholics admire Islam as well and the only religion that she found that doesn’t admire any other in the modern day is Sikhism. Deniz claims that over 80% of the Sikh adults believe that the only religion that can survive the 21st and 22nd century is the Sikhism.

Deniz does never feel embarrassed to tell the story of herself when she was a teenager and pranked to the cops that there are time bombs installed in the footballs available in the market of the city that she was living in back in that time. She got arrested but released the day after just because she wasn’t an adult.

Deniz is a great fan of Charles Bukowski and she has the term ‘Roll the Dice’ painted all over her bedroom wall.

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