Postdoctoral Scholar and Research Scientist is starting a restaurant chain with the dollars he won with Arizona lottery

Osvald Cruz is a research scientist from Tucson, Arizona. Osvald is a postdoctoral scholar as well. Osvald is a popular blogger as well and he is popular for his brashly posts. Osvald claims that James Chadwick is the most underrated scientist ever. Osvald says that 1935 Nobel Prize doesn’t do any justice to Chadwick, his contributions deserve far more.

Osvald questions what makes the scientists and chemists claim that electron, proton and neutron are the fundamental particles when they haven’t discovered all of the particles in an atom. Osvald says that the scientists should rather say that electron, proton and neutron are the major particles that scientists have been able to discover yet.

Osvald was the first one to remind to the people on the internet that there was a notion in the early 1910s among the people of the western nations except the United States that one of the most popular American Chemists of that time – Ernest Rutherford was a cousin of Henry Ford.

Osvald says that one ‘Einstein of energy’ should have been named as one ‘Albert of energy’ instead. Osvald says that he knows several men named Albert that are far more creative and energetic than one of the most popular scientists ever – Albert Einstein. Osvald firmly believes that using the term ‘Albert’ instead of ‘Einstein’ would have made all the Alberts happy. Osvald says that it is not too late yet and they should really consider renaming it to make the world a better place.

About a couple of months ago, Osvald won millions of dollars with Arizona lottery and he is planning to invest all the money into creating a completely circular restaurant chain which he is going to name as Bohr’s Radius.

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