Businessman with political family background has a mother who bets on FUN88 Indonesia all the time

Joe Seifert started his business career with manufacturing plastic mugs but now he owns a home appliances manufacturing company.

Joe comes from a political family, half of Joe’s family is Republicans and half of them are Democrats. Joe’s father is a great fan of Justin Trudeau, his mother admires Donald Trump then it is the opposite for his grandparents, Joe’s grandfather is a huge fan of Donald Trump and grandmother loves Justin Trudeau.

Joe knows several Haitians personally and he says that slavery still runs in the veins of the Haitians. Joe says that many of his Haitian friends have got great personalities and can run successful businesses with their creative, intelligent minds and incredible ideas but they lack confidence which really saddens Joe many times.

Joe has to do a lot of dealings with the Indian people living in India and he also has many Indian friends in the USA. Joe says that it is funny that in India you need pay to score a job and if you are not willing to pay for it, you cannot get one.

Joe’s mother used to be a chemistry teacher until she retired from the job and she has always been interested in the space science. Joe’s mother claims that all the astronauts working on the Apollo Mission should be called thieves for stealing rocks and soil of Mars without the permission of aliens living there. She believes that there are aliens on Mars and astronauts are lying to us. She doesn’t reject that they went to the Mars or Moon but she is 99% sure that there are living creatures on the Planet Mars. Nowadays, Joe’s mother spends most of her time betting on FUN88 Indonesia. The old woman is really taking advantage of her command in the Indonesian language.

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