This Auto Blogger was born without a wedlock and he donates all the money he wins with Bingo to orphan kids

Zach Kellogg is an auto blogger with a thing for bingo with PayPal.

Zach believes that accommodating seats in a car shouldn’t come at a premium price just like they do nowadays. Zach also says that when the seats for backseat passengers are cramped in a small car it is considered something to be embarrassed about and cheap but when the same is the case for a car like Audi A4, it is class. Zach says that same is the case with the Kia Stinger whose backseat is cramped and it receives a lot of negative feedback for being that way just because it is made by a Korean company that offers cheap and affordable cars but when the same is the case with an ridiculously expensive Italian car manufacturer nobody raises a brow.

Zach also believes that most Audis don’t set the benchmark for a VFM car but that’s not why they buy an Audi anyway.

Zach claims to have driven car by each and every car maker on the planet and he claims that Hyundai cars have the highest percentage of bodyroll. He likes to joke that Hyundais roll their bodies more than a Hotwheel toy.

Zach believes that GL Class by Mercedes is one of their biggest blunders ever. Zach says that the GL Class cannot compete with its rivals in most of the terms.

Zach was born without a wedlock. He really envies the kids born to the married parents and he wants to do a lot for the people born without a wedlock. He says that it is a very hardknock life out there for them all. He donates all the money that he wins with Bingo to the charity for kids born without a wedlock.

Zach has an irrational hatred towards poetry, be it of any genre or language.

Zach says that he hates sarcastic voices more than anything else and sometimes it raises his blood pressure to the level where he feels like fainting.

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