Polyglot Physicist Businesswoman loves Indonesian Poker Websites

Madonna Zanzuri recently made a trip to India for spiritual progress. Madonna didn’t learn anything special when it came to the spirituality but she really felt like she was living with the prehistoric tribes all the time.

Professionally, Madonna is a physicist with expertise in electromagnetics but India really made Madonna feel like she is an alien.

Along with being a Physicist, Madonna also owns a factory that manufactures toothpicks. Madonna has several Indian employees working at her factory and it is there that she was advised that she should go visit India for the spiritual progress. Madonna has also learnt some Hindi and Punjabi and she recently wrote a Punjabi song which goes like:-

Maa Sheela Naal Karan main Raasleela

Hoya Tool Mera Dheela

Das Das Baari Jadon Main 100 di Speed vich Hilaan

While Madonna was in India, she learnt that developing nations like India are the best places to sell cheap minivans like Toyota Sienna whereas developed nations like the Scandinavian countries and the USA are the worst places for the same.

Madonna really believes that sycophancy is the greatest asset/talent/skill in India and the ones who do not possess this are considered dumb. Madonna is glad that they didn’t brought this sycophancy culture with them in the USA and the Indian-Americans are really hard-working people with high self-esteem.

Madonna claims that Mahatma Gandhi is still hated by most in India and it is more common among the people belonging to the Right-Wing philosophy and/or political views. Madonna says that this hatred against the Mahatma is not only limited to the citizens of India but over half of her factory employees that are United States citizens also hate him as much as the citizens of India do.

Madonna also has some Indonesian employees at her factory and they are the ones that introduced her to some of the most trusted poker websites (Situs Poker Terpercaya) which Madonna really delights in using.

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