Top Criminal Lawyer’s Escort Girlfriend is Addicted to that Bahigo

Robert Verte is a successful criminal lawyer who has been working on to create an innovative Youtube channel where Robert will teach the law in a poetic way like never seen before. Robert loves poetry and as he is a polyglot, he loves poetry of many different languages.

Robert claims that Russia wants to invade Ukraine which Ukraine knows very well and is looking for help but Robert doubts that any powerful nation will be willing to provide Ukraine with any sort of help against an extremely powerful nation like Russia. Robert believes that the Republic of China will provide indirect help to Ukraine for a while and they will keep at it if they see any success with their endeavors.

Robert doesn’t quite agree with most of Descartes’s philosophy but has a huge respect for the man despite the fact that he never married but had an illegitimate daughter. Robert doubts that Descartes suffered with bipolar disorder and his conflicting philosophy is a result of the same.

Robert’s grandfather used to repair leather shoes at the beginning of his career and today the company that he created stands as one of the greatest ever American leather products manufacturing one. Robert claims that he inherited his extraordinary energy, ambition and willpower from his grandfather only and no matter what, he doesn’t stop until he succeeds in any of his endeavors.

Robert claims that the rapper Meek Mill wants to start his own bank and he came to Robert for consultancy.

Robert is not ashamed to admit that he has been dating an escort for a while. This escort dated the Miami based Rapper – Rick Ross for 2 years and she claims that Rick Ross has hydroceles all around his testicles. She also loves to bet online and she is really addicted to that Bahigo.

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