Gardener and Landscaper wants to retire to Malta and bet on Supertotobet all the time laying on a beach

Nicki Shields is an entrepreneur who believes that love needs no qualification. Nicki has been running this gardening and landscaping business for the past 7 years and she says that it is at least 1000 times better than working for a 9-5 job.

Nicki firmly believes that gardening and landscaping is too vast a subject to be learnt within one lifetime.

Along with always learning about gardening and landscaping herself, Nicki enjoys educating her clients about gardening and landscaping personally. Nicki has a forum and a blog on her website as well where she regularly educates the visitors about all that she knows about the subject of gardening and landscaping. Many people wrongly believe that Nicki created that stylish blog and forum only to get more clients but Nicki couldn’t care less; Nicki’s main aim to create the forum and blog was to educate the people interested in gardening and landscaping about this vast subject.

Nicki sounds like a maniac when she claims that the pigeons bring bad luck to those that don’t respect plants and trees and it is quite the opposite for the ones that do respect the plants and the trees.

Nicki is yet to work with a hotel but she has already worked for green roofs, commercial spaces and multi-residential buildings. Nicki says that she is too busy with her regular clients that she always forgets that she has never worked with a hotel but she is really eager to work with one before she dies.

Nicki once visited Malta back in the winters of the year 2017 and she has fallen in love with the island ever since. Nicki says that she wants to retire there and enjoy the unique architecture, vibes and the beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea that the island has to offer laying down at the beach playing her favorite Supertotobet.

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