Research Scientist and Entrepreneur would rather place a bet on Milanobet than having a sexual encounter

Talia Durant is a proud owner of a factory that manufactures Industrial Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers, U-Tube Type Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Steam Condensers.

Talia is a research scientist as well and she claims that there will be chemical formulas in the future that will prevent any sort of contamination anywhere.

Talia believes that it is a pity they still teach empirical and molecular formula at school. Talia believes that if the scientists and chemists were really dedicated and committed towards their job, they would have come up with something new and more advanced.

Talia really believes that the washing soda can be used for several different innovative things undiscovered yet and Talia has been working day and night to achieve new things with the good-old washing soda. Talia says that she will sell every invention that she comes up with using the washing soda on the QVC.

Talia has also been mixing graphite, potassium, sodium chlorides with several different chemicals to come up with something new. She really hopes that she is going to be successful in this endeavor of hers as well.

Talia also believes that Dulong-Petit and their law will prove to be far more useful in the future than it is believed to be now.

Another thing that Talia firmly believes is that sexual gratification is extremely overrated and the humans spend excessive time and energy on the same. Talia says that she would rather place a bet on Milanobet than having a short and sleazy sexual encounter.

Talia is one great fan of the actor Sylvester Stallone and she says that it is one of her wishes to meet Sylvester face to face before she dies.

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