Cockfight betting is a guilty pleasure and secret of many of the topmost successful people that you know

Ben Goff is a talent agency owner who advises on his blog to never join a talent agency that wasn’t founded by a an actor himself/herself. The funniest thing is that Ben himself never ever acted in a movie, forget about a movie, he never even acted in a theater play.

Ben also says that the biggest and the best question to ask a talent agency is “How many established actors or models are already there at your agency?”

Ben claims that he has had the opportunity to work with a variety of casting directors throughout his career and he prefers the ones that speak lesser, doesn’t matter which gender they belong to.

Ben’s talent agency only offers one type of membership unlike others that sell silver, bronze, gold and platinum memberships.

Ben says that the people that complain about tough parking, no restaurants or cafes around all the time are not at all serious or passionate about their work. Ben says that these people should stop wasting their time hoping to become successful in the field of acting.

Ben claims that the boutique style talent agencies are great for the freshers or shy students but one shouldn’t expect that they can get you much work. Ben claims that his agency has been a large one from the very beginning and he is proud of the same. Ben says that there is a misconception that the boutique styled talent agencies are easier to run but opposite is true in this field.

Ben has his own guilty pleasures and apart from sex and smoking, Ben loves betting and he loves them more on cockfight websites (sabung ayam).

Amazon HR Employee has many interesting ideas about the politics, religion and gambling

Christian Fratini is a Human Resource and Operations Administrator at Amazon Inc with a thing for gambling on credit (pulsa judi).

Christian is highly interested in the global politics and she says that what is considered degeneracy in western developed countries is considered normal in still developing third-world countries. Christian says that the only thing that he respects about the still-developing countries is that they are mostly against using sex for selling stuff and oversexuality in general.

Christian has studied the Indian history and politics very well and he claims that Subhash Chandra Bose committed suicide after getting tortured badly by the military of Germany.

Christian also claims that the whole world is after Pakistan as it is the only Islamic nuclear power. Christian believes that the Anti-Pakistan powers want to destroy the biggest irrigation scheme on the planet – Lloyd Barrage in Pakistan.

Christian’s one and only sister – Layla used to work at the Scosche but left her job to find her own company inspired by the Scosche itself.

Christian claims that the electrons, protons and neurons represent the trinity in Christianity and Hinduism. Christian says that this prove that the Holy Trinity is a truth and hence Hinduism and Christianity are true religions.

Christian also claims that different Hindu gods represent different atoms with different size, shape and mass.

Christian also claims that prehistoric Hindu scriptures clearly says that the god is atom. Christian says that it is clearly mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that the god is present everywhere but it cannot be destroyed or created.

Christian claims that the Escort Tractor company of India has a huge potential but it is run by a sex maniac.

Casino and Gambling Blogger loves automobiles as much as she does her business and the good old ‘Judi’

Yildiz Kusuma has been involved in the fire extinguisher business for over 8 years now. Yildiz has always been passionate about cars and gambling along with whatever business she ever gets involved in.

Yildiz has always been very outspoken about what she thinks will be the future of the auto industry and what she thinks about different cars belonging to the different automakers.

Yildiz says that just like hybrids are the choice of the cab drivers and petrol/diesel vehicles are mainly the choice of the buyer that is buying a car for the personal use, soon enough the electric vehicles will be the choice of the cab drivers and hybrid cars will be the choice for the personal use of the buyers.

Yildiz says that it is funny how the Indian automaker Tata bought off the JLR (Jaguar and Land Rover), SAIC – a Chinese automaker bought MG, Rolls Royce got bought out by the BMW, it looks like they are all taking revenge on the British empire for fighting wars with them, oppressing them and for even enslaving them.

Yildiz believes that comparing the Honda Civic with Toyota Corolla is like comparing apples with oranges and same is the case when you compare Toyota Yaris with Honda Fit, Nissan Leaf or Ford Fiesta.

Yildiz says that no matter how bad and unreliable the Cadillacs have gone compared to their past but they are still a better choice than any of their German counterparts except the Mercedes.

Yildiz is a casino and gambling blogger just like me and just as in my case, she is never ashamed to admit that she knows almost every trusted gambling online agent (Agen Judi Bola).

Young industrialist woman loves to flaunt her curves, her command in the Indonesian language and the money she keeps winning with QQ288

Jessica Oakley used to be a Legal Executive Assistant at Amazon Inc until she found her own company that manufactures frost free refrigerators and room air conditioners.

One of the ways that Jessica uses to make her company popular is blogging. Jessica is notorious for posting controversial posts on her blogs and one of those was about how coffee is more dangerous than cigarettes in the long run and the scientists will soon come up with this truth when they will see more and more people dying with cardiac arrests, hypertension and cancer caused by coffee.

Once Jessica made a post on her blog mentioning that if an unmarried girl starts selling her body to make a living, it is her parents’s mistake 90% of the time.

Jessica claims that Pakistani-Punjabi comedians are far better than the Punjabi Hindu or Sikh comedians. Jessica believes that the reason behind Pakistani-Punjabi comedians being better than their Hindu or Sikh counterparts is that they are mostly hybrids, for example, born to an Arab mother and Punjabi Gujjar father and so on but the Punjabi-Hindus are mostly Aroras, Khatris, Pandits and Baniyas that do not believe in intercast marriages and marry within their own community and same is the case with the Punjabi-Sikhs who are mostly Chamars and Jatts.

Jessica claims that she has the secret information about the Queen Victoria being very much for the beauty pageant competitions although she preached chastity and purity all the time. Jessica says that she doubts whether Queen Victoria was a lesbian or bisexual because Jessica claims to have read each and every book that defines the personal life of Queen Victoria and she doesn’t seem much interested in men anywhere but she is found complimenting the beauty of a female body in many speeches and writings of her.

Jessica also likes to flaunt about her command in the Indonesian language on her blog and the money she has won with Indonesian gambling websites, especially qq288.

HR executive at a hospital chain bets on s128 to stay worry-free

Deniz Yu started her career as a medical coder at a Medical Coding, Billing and Research company and within less than 3 years she is a HR executive at a hospital chain. Surprisingly enough, Deniz attributes all her career success to staying worry-free due to regularly betting on s128.

Deniz likes to stay stress and worry-free but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have anything to say about the serious topics like politics. Deniz follows politics very closely and she claims that the Muslim fundamentalism and fanaticism even existed in Turkey before Erdogan took the oath. Deniz claims that one of her Turkish co-workers told her that one guy was killed in the Marmaris city of Turkey just because he was preaching for the ancient Hindu medical system – Ayurveda back in the year 2001. He further told Deniz that government didn’t even bother to investigate the case properly or perhaps the cops were also religious fanatics.

Deniz says that just like many Protestants admire Judaism, many Catholics admire Islam as well and the only religion that she found that doesn’t admire any other in the modern day is Sikhism. Deniz claims that over 80% of the Sikh adults believe that the only religion that can survive the 21st and 22nd century is the Sikhism.

Deniz does never feel embarrassed to tell the story of herself when she was a teenager and pranked to the cops that there are time bombs installed in the footballs available in the market of the city that she was living in back in that time. She got arrested but released the day after just because she wasn’t an adult.

Deniz is a great fan of Charles Bukowski and she has the term ‘Roll the Dice’ painted all over her bedroom wall.

Postdoctoral Scholar and Research Scientist is starting a restaurant chain with the dollars he won with Arizona lottery

Osvald Cruz is a research scientist from Tucson, Arizona. Osvald is a postdoctoral scholar as well. Osvald is a popular blogger as well and he is popular for his brashly posts. Osvald claims that James Chadwick is the most underrated scientist ever. Osvald says that 1935 Nobel Prize doesn’t do any justice to Chadwick, his contributions deserve far more.

Osvald questions what makes the scientists and chemists claim that electron, proton and neutron are the fundamental particles when they haven’t discovered all of the particles in an atom. Osvald says that the scientists should rather say that electron, proton and neutron are the major particles that scientists have been able to discover yet.

Osvald was the first one to remind to the people on the internet that there was a notion in the early 1910s among the people of the western nations except the United States that one of the most popular American Chemists of that time – Ernest Rutherford was a cousin of Henry Ford.

Osvald says that one ‘Einstein of energy’ should have been named as one ‘Albert of energy’ instead. Osvald says that he knows several men named Albert that are far more creative and energetic than one of the most popular scientists ever – Albert Einstein. Osvald firmly believes that using the term ‘Albert’ instead of ‘Einstein’ would have made all the Alberts happy. Osvald says that it is not too late yet and they should really consider renaming it to make the world a better place.

About a couple of months ago, Osvald won millions of dollars with Arizona lottery and he is planning to invest all the money into creating a completely circular restaurant chain which he is going to name as Bohr’s Radius.

Businessman with political family background has a mother who bets on FUN88 Indonesia all the time

Joe Seifert started his business career with manufacturing plastic mugs but now he owns a home appliances manufacturing company.

Joe comes from a political family, half of Joe’s family is Republicans and half of them are Democrats. Joe’s father is a great fan of Justin Trudeau, his mother admires Donald Trump then it is the opposite for his grandparents, Joe’s grandfather is a huge fan of Donald Trump and grandmother loves Justin Trudeau.

Joe knows several Haitians personally and he says that slavery still runs in the veins of the Haitians. Joe says that many of his Haitian friends have got great personalities and can run successful businesses with their creative, intelligent minds and incredible ideas but they lack confidence which really saddens Joe many times.

Joe has to do a lot of dealings with the Indian people living in India and he also has many Indian friends in the USA. Joe says that it is funny that in India you need pay to score a job and if you are not willing to pay for it, you cannot get one.

Joe’s mother used to be a chemistry teacher until she retired from the job and she has always been interested in the space science. Joe’s mother claims that all the astronauts working on the Apollo Mission should be called thieves for stealing rocks and soil of Mars without the permission of aliens living there. She believes that there are aliens on Mars and astronauts are lying to us. She doesn’t reject that they went to the Mars or Moon but she is 99% sure that there are living creatures on the Planet Mars. Nowadays, Joe’s mother spends most of her time betting on FUN88 Indonesia. The old woman is really taking advantage of her command in the Indonesian language.

General Sales Manager at a Toy Company is obsessed with Space Missions and Keluaran

Sandie Wynn is a Sales General Manager at a reputed Toy Company. Sandie loves pets but she doesn’t buy any that naturally doesn’t live up to be at least 15 years of age.

Sandie has always been interested in two things – Space Science and keluaran tg hk. Sandie says that Muslims constitute the least number of astronauts and there is no groundwork going on to promote the space science in Islamic countries.

Sandie claims that the US spacecraft – Pathfinder was named such in order to promote the Nissan Pathfinder SUV. Sandie claims that they also wanted to name another space aircraft as Terrano but in order to not get exposed as promoters of the brand Nissan, they later chose not to do so. Sandie claims that like herself, several other people are already aware of what these people are up to.

Sandie claims that the USA started running after the North Korea’s Supreme Leader – Kim Jong-Un after he sent a group of engineers to Russia that were capable of creating better spacecrafts than the US and bring back Russia’s lost glory.

Sandie’s husband is an insurance broker turned insurance company owner, his story was featured in a local magazine as well. He had a very impressive looking insurance business idea, everyone told him that it cannot be done but he still did it.

Sandie believes that you are not always handsomely rewarded for your hard-work but you are definitely handsomely-rewarded for your persistence and consistency.

Sandie says that it is funny how insensitive and cruel people are not creative at all.

Sandie is ashamed and embarassed to admit that she is the daughter of a pastor who wanted to convert all the castles into cathedrals or churches but she does it nonetheless.

Polyglot Physicist Businesswoman loves Indonesian Poker Websites

Madonna Zanzuri recently made a trip to India for spiritual progress. Madonna didn’t learn anything special when it came to the spirituality but she really felt like she was living with the prehistoric tribes all the time.

Professionally, Madonna is a physicist with expertise in electromagnetics but India really made Madonna feel like she is an alien.

Along with being a Physicist, Madonna also owns a factory that manufactures toothpicks. Madonna has several Indian employees working at her factory and it is there that she was advised that she should go visit India for the spiritual progress. Madonna has also learnt some Hindi and Punjabi and she recently wrote a Punjabi song which goes like:-

Maa Sheela Naal Karan main Raasleela

Hoya Tool Mera Dheela

Das Das Baari Jadon Main 100 di Speed vich Hilaan

While Madonna was in India, she learnt that developing nations like India are the best places to sell cheap minivans like Toyota Sienna whereas developed nations like the Scandinavian countries and the USA are the worst places for the same.

Madonna really believes that sycophancy is the greatest asset/talent/skill in India and the ones who do not possess this are considered dumb. Madonna is glad that they didn’t brought this sycophancy culture with them in the USA and the Indian-Americans are really hard-working people with high self-esteem.

Madonna claims that Mahatma Gandhi is still hated by most in India and it is more common among the people belonging to the Right-Wing philosophy and/or political views. Madonna says that this hatred against the Mahatma is not only limited to the citizens of India but over half of her factory employees that are United States citizens also hate him as much as the citizens of India do.

Madonna also has some Indonesian employees at her factory and they are the ones that introduced her to some of the most trusted poker websites (Situs Poker Terpercaya) which Madonna really delights in using.

This Auto Blogger was born without a wedlock and he donates all the money he wins with Bingo to orphan kids

Zach Kellogg is an auto blogger with a thing for bingo with PayPal.

Zach believes that accommodating seats in a car shouldn’t come at a premium price just like they do nowadays. Zach also says that when the seats for backseat passengers are cramped in a small car it is considered something to be embarrassed about and cheap but when the same is the case for a car like Audi A4, it is class. Zach says that same is the case with the Kia Stinger whose backseat is cramped and it receives a lot of negative feedback for being that way just because it is made by a Korean company that offers cheap and affordable cars but when the same is the case with an ridiculously expensive Italian car manufacturer nobody raises a brow.

Zach also believes that most Audis don’t set the benchmark for a VFM car but that’s not why they buy an Audi anyway.

Zach claims to have driven car by each and every car maker on the planet and he claims that Hyundai cars have the highest percentage of bodyroll. He likes to joke that Hyundais roll their bodies more than a Hotwheel toy.

Zach believes that GL Class by Mercedes is one of their biggest blunders ever. Zach says that the GL Class cannot compete with its rivals in most of the terms.

Zach was born without a wedlock. He really envies the kids born to the married parents and he wants to do a lot for the people born without a wedlock. He says that it is a very hardknock life out there for them all. He donates all the money that he wins with Bingo to the charity for kids born without a wedlock.

Zach has an irrational hatred towards poetry, be it of any genre or language.

Zach says that he hates sarcastic voices more than anything else and sometimes it raises his blood pressure to the level where he feels like fainting.

Top Criminal Lawyer’s Escort Girlfriend is Addicted to that Bahigo

Robert Verte is a successful criminal lawyer who has been working on to create an innovative Youtube channel where Robert will teach the law in a poetic way like never seen before. Robert loves poetry and as he is a polyglot, he loves poetry of many different languages.

Robert claims that Russia wants to invade Ukraine which Ukraine knows very well and is looking for help but Robert doubts that any powerful nation will be willing to provide Ukraine with any sort of help against an extremely powerful nation like Russia. Robert believes that the Republic of China will provide indirect help to Ukraine for a while and they will keep at it if they see any success with their endeavors.

Robert doesn’t quite agree with most of Descartes’s philosophy but has a huge respect for the man despite the fact that he never married but had an illegitimate daughter. Robert doubts that Descartes suffered with bipolar disorder and his conflicting philosophy is a result of the same.

Robert’s grandfather used to repair leather shoes at the beginning of his career and today the company that he created stands as one of the greatest ever American leather products manufacturing one. Robert claims that he inherited his extraordinary energy, ambition and willpower from his grandfather only and no matter what, he doesn’t stop until he succeeds in any of his endeavors.

Robert claims that the rapper Meek Mill wants to start his own bank and he came to Robert for consultancy.

Robert is not ashamed to admit that he has been dating an escort for a while. This escort dated the Miami based Rapper – Rick Ross for 2 years and she claims that Rick Ross has hydroceles all around his testicles. She also loves to bet online and she is really addicted to that Bahigo.

Gardener and Landscaper wants to retire to Malta and bet on Supertotobet all the time laying on a beach

Nicki Shields is an entrepreneur who believes that love needs no qualification. Nicki has been running this gardening and landscaping business for the past 7 years and she says that it is at least 1000 times better than working for a 9-5 job.

Nicki firmly believes that gardening and landscaping is too vast a subject to be learnt within one lifetime.

Along with always learning about gardening and landscaping herself, Nicki enjoys educating her clients about gardening and landscaping personally. Nicki has a forum and a blog on her website as well where she regularly educates the visitors about all that she knows about the subject of gardening and landscaping. Many people wrongly believe that Nicki created that stylish blog and forum only to get more clients but Nicki couldn’t care less; Nicki’s main aim to create the forum and blog was to educate the people interested in gardening and landscaping about this vast subject.

Nicki sounds like a maniac when she claims that the pigeons bring bad luck to those that don’t respect plants and trees and it is quite the opposite for the ones that do respect the plants and the trees.

Nicki is yet to work with a hotel but she has already worked for green roofs, commercial spaces and multi-residential buildings. Nicki says that she is too busy with her regular clients that she always forgets that she has never worked with a hotel but she is really eager to work with one before she dies.

Nicki once visited Malta back in the winters of the year 2017 and she has fallen in love with the island ever since. Nicki says that she wants to retire there and enjoy the unique architecture, vibes and the beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea that the island has to offer laying down at the beach playing her favorite Supertotobet.

Research Scientist and Entrepreneur would rather place a bet on Milanobet than having a sexual encounter

Talia Durant is a proud owner of a factory that manufactures Industrial Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers, U-Tube Type Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Steam Condensers.

Talia is a research scientist as well and she claims that there will be chemical formulas in the future that will prevent any sort of contamination anywhere.

Talia believes that it is a pity they still teach empirical and molecular formula at school. Talia believes that if the scientists and chemists were really dedicated and committed towards their job, they would have come up with something new and more advanced.

Talia really believes that the washing soda can be used for several different innovative things undiscovered yet and Talia has been working day and night to achieve new things with the good-old washing soda. Talia says that she will sell every invention that she comes up with using the washing soda on the QVC.

Talia has also been mixing graphite, potassium, sodium chlorides with several different chemicals to come up with something new. She really hopes that she is going to be successful in this endeavor of hers as well.

Talia also believes that Dulong-Petit and their law will prove to be far more useful in the future than it is believed to be now.

Another thing that Talia firmly believes is that sexual gratification is extremely overrated and the humans spend excessive time and energy on the same. Talia says that she would rather place a bet on Milanobet than having a short and sleazy sexual encounter.

Talia is one great fan of the actor Sylvester Stallone and she says that it is one of her wishes to meet Sylvester face to face before she dies.

This young entrepreneur would rather spend his money placing bets online than buying a house for himself

Uziel Mehta left his high-paying pricing manager job at a major e-commerce platform to find his own e-commerce company.

Uziel loves chocolates and he loves to do a reading on the history of chocolates and other related stuff. Uziel claims that Arthur D. Ganong of Ganong chocolate company in Canada never ate 2-3 pounds of chocolate in his life and it is a myth created by himself and his friends to promote the chocolate industry.

One of Uziel’s family members is an extremely rich industrialist and politician who recently bought one of the mansions that was previously owned by the famous banker – Goldsmith family. He says that his next mission is to buy a mansion that was previously owned by one of Rothschild. This family member of Uziel started his career as an employee at a tour and travel agency and here he is now, one of the richest persons in the nation that he lives in.

Many of Uziel’s family members are involved in the real estate business and being an engineer, Uziel has created several different tech tools for them over time.

Uziel believes that houses and motorcycles are two of the most overpriced commodities in the modern times. Uziel says that he is never buying a house for himself no matter how rich he gets, he will continue living in a rented house and he will rather place bets on bandar togel terpercaya with the money that he saves with not buying a house.

Uziel lived in the New York City for over 3 years and having lived there, he observed that although the Italian Mafia is almost extinct in the NYC, the crime has declined a lot as well but the crime is still far from being extinct in the New York City.