Green juice company owner loves GClubTheOne

Swati Alreja recently started her own readymade green juice company. Swati’s green juice is made of top quality spinach, cucumber, apple, celery, orange, lemon and goji berry.

Swati hails from India but she lived in South Africa for a long while as well. Swati says that the fact is not hidden from anyone that home invasions are a norm in both South Africa and India and Swati’s family survived three of those.

One of Swati’s brothers owns a company that manufactures straw pipes.

Swati claims that her maternal grandfather was one of the team that invented the idea of the pager.

Swati loves to bet online and her favorite online gambling website is บาคาร่า.

Swati claims to have studied female serial killers extensively. She says that all of them have one thing in common and that is they all have small buttocks and breasts.

Swati is a chemist with expertise in electrochemistry. Swati still regularly participates in Chemistry Question Answer competitions and as a studious person herself, Swati believes that multiple choice questions are a better way to educate both kids and adults.

Swati also believes that many scientific notations will change with time except the most significant ones.

Swati says that she is glad about the fact that every fifth alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology is making over 1 million dollar a year.

One of Swati’s Indian friends used to sell stuff on Amazon. He claims that Amazon has built a system in accordance to keep itself as the e-retail mafia and they try their best to screw the seller. He says that the atrocities done by the Amazon to him as a seller were the reasons why he stopped selling at Amazon.

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