Intelligent career woman obsessed with online casinos and gambling wonders why South Korea has far greater number of multinational corporations than Canada

Brielle Merry is an Insights and Operations Analyst and Director at a Pharma company with a passion for online casinos and gambling and that’s the reason why she is so regular at a particular online Casino Forum.

Brielle believes that reading world politics made her husband dumber.

Brielle studied crystallography for her love for the crystals.

Brielle is the daughter of a paleontologist mother and a music composer father who studied acoustics as well.

Brielle claims that the officer Tenpenny in GTA San Andreas is inspired by her corrupt uncle. She says that her uncle was the most corrupt police officer in the State of California and he had more similarities with the officer Tenpenny of San Andreas than one can imagine.

Earlier, Brielle used to be let down by the people that would put her down but now she claims that she uses them as her motivators and she laughs at the fact that they have got nothing better to do.

Brielle wonders all the time about why Canada hasn’t been able to create much of its own whereas South Korea is killing it with brands like Panasonic, KIA, Hyundai. Brielle says that the people of Canada really need some good motivational programs to get them do something.

Brielle lived in the Czech Republic for a while and she says that the Czechs are acting more American than Czech or European nowadays.

Brielle also worked as a phone operator for a while and she says that male callers are easier to talk to compared to their female counterparts.

Working at a major pharma company, Brielle gets to deal with several marketing gurus and she claims that she hasn’t met one that wasn’t a bluffmaster.

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