Gifted his son an expensive Canon camera with the money won with betting

David Wilson recently gifted his son an expensive Canon camera with the money he won with online betting (Judi Online).

David learnt Cryogenics as a hobby only to call it a useless baloney. David has been encouraging his daughter to study archaeology for quite a while. This daughter of David is a Payroll Admin at an Application Software Company and she also studies anatomy as a hobby.

David owns a plywood business that is involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting the plywood. David recently spent 38000 US Dollar for website optimization, the website indeed reached the top of the major search engines for a while then ultimately to get banned. David is very much disappointed with the SEO services now and has given up 99% on his business’s online marketing ambitions.

David is an automobile enthusiast and he has a lot to say about the cars and related stuff. David claims that the crossover segment will be the largest in sales across the world by the financial year 2025.

David is very critical of the marketing gimmicks of the automobile industry and he says that the push-button start is the symbol of the growing gimmicks in the automobile market.

David claims that on the outside, different car makers act like they are going through wars of different kinds, be it price war, luxury war, performance war, but they are all having interests in each other’s companies on the inside.

David likes Suzuki cars for their performance and fuel-efficiency but hates their light steerings and filmsy build quality.

David is interested in learning the biophysics in the near future and he is already an amateur anthropologist.

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