Passionate SCR888 lover left her high-paying job to pursue her greatest passion – Auto-Blogging

June Wilder left her high-paying job of consultant naval architect at a company that provides marine, offshore and industrial services to pursue her passion – automobile blogging.

June has been auto-blogging for over 3 years now and she has made several controversial statements in her blog in all these 3 years.

June once wrote that the more educated guys and girls that she is familiar with prefer Yamaha and Suzuki bikes over the Honda bikes as they know that Honda’s expertise is more in making the cars and that of the Yamaha and Suzuki is in building great motorcycles. June says that nothing will be able to beat Yamaha if they learn to build engines as fuel-efficient as Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda. June is highly critical of motorcycle companies like India, Harley Davidson and Triumph, she says that it is out of her comprehension that how can people be so naive and stupid to keep motorcycle manufacturers like these in the business. June predicts that at least 2 out of Harley Davidson, India and Triumph are going to be out of the business by 2030.

June used to like the Volkswagen cars until they started caring or pretending like they care a lot about the emissions. June says that Volkswagen can bring back its glory if it starts caring about the driver and passengers more and less about the emission norms. June was recently in the USA where she noticed that nobody was driving Volkswagen, which is a shame for a brand which is the biggest in the Europe. June says that nothing is more attractive about the Volkswagen than their DSG twin-clutch transmissions.

Along with auto-blogging, June’s passion includes racing and betting. She is one of the biggest betters at Malaysian SCR888 followed closely by her sister – Charlie. Charlie still works at the same company that June used to work at and they both joined together which June left 3 years ago but Charlie didn’t as she is not as passionate and stubborn as her sister.

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