Daughter of Royal Canadian Air Force’s Wing Commander claims that she inherited the gambling addiction from her dad

Vivencio Musk still drives the same white Chevrolet Tahoe that he bought in 2002. Vivencio still operates the same factory that manufactures Industrial Turbine Agitators, Paddle Agitators, Chemical Reactors, Furnace Reactors, Propeller Agitators, Helical Screw Agitators, Anchor Agitators and Reactors, which he inherited from his granddad.

Vivencio is a conspiracy theorist and he claims that the reason why the quality of the Ford has been increasing so rapidly with time and their reliability and durability is now almost on par with their Japanese rivals like Honda, Nissan and Toyota is that they are not a part of the Illuminati just like the Japanese car-makers aren’t. Vivencio claims that the European can be far more reliable than their Japanese counterparts but their real owner – the Illuminati has made it a trend to keep their cars unreliable in order to extort all the money they can from the buyer’s pockets. Vivencio also says that there is a reason why the Obama Administration bailed out the General Motors’s debt.

Vicencio’s wife – Kristin is also a businesswoman. Her company manufactures and wholesales switches.

Kristin is a blogger as well and her blog is full of entertaining but real posts like the one which she made just yesterday about a gentleman with a failed politics career, here is an excerpt from that very post- “A car dealership owner tried to run for the Mayor in Ontario, Canada, lost the elections and after losing the elections, renamed his car dealership to ‘Lost Mayor’s Car Dealership”.

Kristin’s father was a Wing Commander in the Royal Canadian Air Force and one of his hobbies was gambling which Kristin claims that she herself inherited from her father. Kristin knows about almost each and every popular gambling website, one of those being Klasemen Liga 1, which she discovered after learning Indonesian language.

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