This video game and betting addict makes his wealthy industrialist friend envious

Galina Anantasu is an Aerodynamics expert who recently went to South India for a vacation. Galina was surprised to see that although India has millions and millions of expert engineers, it has extremely low number of Aerodynamics experts like her.

Galina cannot believe what some Indian Rishis (sages) told her. They told her that the prehistoric Indian doctors had the cure for plague and small-pox. They also told her that some of the Indian ayurvedic doctors can still cure AIDS, cancer and other fatal conditions.

Galina’s husband – Robin is a businessman who owns 2 different companies presently. One of Robin’s companies manufactures and retails music players while the other wholesales and retails SD cards, Micro SD cards, Compact Flash cards, MMC and Cfast 2.0 cards.

Robin was one of the students of one of the most popular motivational speakers of all time – Jim Rohn. Robin says that Jim Rohn’s dream of entering the detergent business remained a dream because of his premature death. Robin was certain that Jim will live to be 100.

Robin is still in touch with many students of Jim Rohn. One of those is a DVD player manufacturer from the Republic of China who has been looking to enter some other industry as the DVD player industry is almost dead now. He accuses Youtube, USB and Bluetooth for killing the DVD industry.

Another Jim Rohn’s student friend of Robin is a fruit and vegetable online store owner that provides delivery within 8 hours to 3 major cities of his state.

One more Jim Rohn’s student friend of Robin does nothing but plays video games all day all night long and bet on LSM99. Robin is envious of that guy as he comes up as a winner in most of the bets.

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