Green juice company owner loves GClubTheOne

Swati Alreja recently started her own readymade green juice company. Swati’s green juice is made of top quality spinach, cucumber, apple, celery, orange, lemon and goji berry.

Swati hails from India but she lived in South Africa for a long while as well. Swati says that the fact is not hidden from anyone that home invasions are a norm in both South Africa and India and Swati’s family survived three of those.

One of Swati’s brothers owns a company that manufactures straw pipes.

Swati claims that her maternal grandfather was one of the team that invented the idea of the pager.

Swati loves to bet online and her favorite online gambling website is บาคาร่า.

Swati claims to have studied female serial killers extensively. She says that all of them have one thing in common and that is they all have small buttocks and breasts.

Swati is a chemist with expertise in electrochemistry. Swati still regularly participates in Chemistry Question Answer competitions and as a studious person herself, Swati believes that multiple choice questions are a better way to educate both kids and adults.

Swati also believes that many scientific notations will change with time except the most significant ones.

Swati says that she is glad about the fact that every fifth alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology is making over 1 million dollar a year.

One of Swati’s Indian friends used to sell stuff on Amazon. He claims that Amazon has built a system in accordance to keep itself as the e-retail mafia and they try their best to screw the seller. He says that the atrocities done by the Amazon to him as a seller were the reasons why he stopped selling at Amazon.

He knows about all the online casino directories and god makes him win bets the day he helps someone

Alyce Conti is a divorce lawyer by profession who was born and raised in the New York City. Alyce says that the only thing that she loves more than online gambling is the New York City.

Alyce hates the fact that most people that come to visit the New York Public Library only do so to visit the largest library in the world but not to read the books kept inside it.

Alyce believes that Russians have always been more envious of the New York and New Jersey than they have been of the United States as a whole capitalist country.

Alyce has a huge respect for the Japanese genius in almost all fields. Alyce says that the Steel Tower in Yokohama is the epitome of the Japanese construction genius and Toyota is the epitome of the Japanese engineering genius. Alyce really hopes and believes that Japan will soon enough give the answer to China in all the fields that China is emerging in as the great force.

Alyce’s is currently dating a Chilean who has been living in the New York City for the past 3 years but cannot stop missing the city of Santiago in Chile. He keeps saying all the time that there is something about the air of Santiago which he cannot stop missing and he sometimes cries when he is reminded of his time in Santiago and Chile.

This Chilean boyfriend of Alyce loves to bet online as well and he knows about each and every major On Line Casino Directory that is there. He claims that winning a bet online is mostly a sign of the fact that today is your day and god is with you today. He says that he always wins bets on the day he helps someone with all his heart and become successful in it.

Intelligent career woman obsessed with online casinos and gambling wonders why South Korea has far greater number of multinational corporations than Canada

Brielle Merry is an Insights and Operations Analyst and Director at a Pharma company with a passion for online casinos and gambling and that’s the reason why she is so regular at a particular online Casino Forum.

Brielle believes that reading world politics made her husband dumber.

Brielle studied crystallography for her love for the crystals.

Brielle is the daughter of a paleontologist mother and a music composer father who studied acoustics as well.

Brielle claims that the officer Tenpenny in GTA San Andreas is inspired by her corrupt uncle. She says that her uncle was the most corrupt police officer in the State of California and he had more similarities with the officer Tenpenny of San Andreas than one can imagine.

Earlier, Brielle used to be let down by the people that would put her down but now she claims that she uses them as her motivators and she laughs at the fact that they have got nothing better to do.

Brielle wonders all the time about why Canada hasn’t been able to create much of its own whereas South Korea is killing it with brands like Panasonic, KIA, Hyundai. Brielle says that the people of Canada really need some good motivational programs to get them do something.

Brielle lived in the Czech Republic for a while and she says that the Czechs are acting more American than Czech or European nowadays.

Brielle also worked as a phone operator for a while and she says that male callers are easier to talk to compared to their female counterparts.

Working at a major pharma company, Brielle gets to deal with several marketing gurus and she claims that she hasn’t met one that wasn’t a bluffmaster.

Gifted his son an expensive Canon camera with the money won with betting

David Wilson recently gifted his son an expensive Canon camera with the money he won with online betting (Judi Online).

David learnt Cryogenics as a hobby only to call it a useless baloney. David has been encouraging his daughter to study archaeology for quite a while. This daughter of David is a Payroll Admin at an Application Software Company and she also studies anatomy as a hobby.

David owns a plywood business that is involved in manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting the plywood. David recently spent 38000 US Dollar for website optimization, the website indeed reached the top of the major search engines for a while then ultimately to get banned. David is very much disappointed with the SEO services now and has given up 99% on his business’s online marketing ambitions.

David is an automobile enthusiast and he has a lot to say about the cars and related stuff. David claims that the crossover segment will be the largest in sales across the world by the financial year 2025.

David is very critical of the marketing gimmicks of the automobile industry and he says that the push-button start is the symbol of the growing gimmicks in the automobile market.

David claims that on the outside, different car makers act like they are going through wars of different kinds, be it price war, luxury war, performance war, but they are all having interests in each other’s companies on the inside.

David likes Suzuki cars for their performance and fuel-efficiency but hates their light steerings and filmsy build quality.

David is interested in learning the biophysics in the near future and he is already an amateur anthropologist.

Passionate SCR888 lover left her high-paying job to pursue her greatest passion – Auto-Blogging

June Wilder left her high-paying job of consultant naval architect at a company that provides marine, offshore and industrial services to pursue her passion – automobile blogging.

June has been auto-blogging for over 3 years now and she has made several controversial statements in her blog in all these 3 years.

June once wrote that the more educated guys and girls that she is familiar with prefer Yamaha and Suzuki bikes over the Honda bikes as they know that Honda’s expertise is more in making the cars and that of the Yamaha and Suzuki is in building great motorcycles. June says that nothing will be able to beat Yamaha if they learn to build engines as fuel-efficient as Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda. June is highly critical of motorcycle companies like India, Harley Davidson and Triumph, she says that it is out of her comprehension that how can people be so naive and stupid to keep motorcycle manufacturers like these in the business. June predicts that at least 2 out of Harley Davidson, India and Triumph are going to be out of the business by 2030.

June used to like the Volkswagen cars until they started caring or pretending like they care a lot about the emissions. June says that Volkswagen can bring back its glory if it starts caring about the driver and passengers more and less about the emission norms. June was recently in the USA where she noticed that nobody was driving Volkswagen, which is a shame for a brand which is the biggest in the Europe. June says that nothing is more attractive about the Volkswagen than their DSG twin-clutch transmissions.

Along with auto-blogging, June’s passion includes racing and betting. She is one of the biggest betters at Malaysian SCR888 followed closely by her sister – Charlie. Charlie still works at the same company that June used to work at and they both joined together which June left 3 years ago but Charlie didn’t as she is not as passionate and stubborn as her sister.

Daughter of Royal Canadian Air Force’s Wing Commander claims that she inherited the gambling addiction from her dad

Vivencio Musk still drives the same white Chevrolet Tahoe that he bought in 2002. Vivencio still operates the same factory that manufactures Industrial Turbine Agitators, Paddle Agitators, Chemical Reactors, Furnace Reactors, Propeller Agitators, Helical Screw Agitators, Anchor Agitators and Reactors, which he inherited from his granddad.

Vivencio is a conspiracy theorist and he claims that the reason why the quality of the Ford has been increasing so rapidly with time and their reliability and durability is now almost on par with their Japanese rivals like Honda, Nissan and Toyota is that they are not a part of the Illuminati just like the Japanese car-makers aren’t. Vivencio claims that the European can be far more reliable than their Japanese counterparts but their real owner – the Illuminati has made it a trend to keep their cars unreliable in order to extort all the money they can from the buyer’s pockets. Vivencio also says that there is a reason why the Obama Administration bailed out the General Motors’s debt.

Vicencio’s wife – Kristin is also a businesswoman. Her company manufactures and wholesales switches.

Kristin is a blogger as well and her blog is full of entertaining but real posts like the one which she made just yesterday about a gentleman with a failed politics career, here is an excerpt from that very post- “A car dealership owner tried to run for the Mayor in Ontario, Canada, lost the elections and after losing the elections, renamed his car dealership to ‘Lost Mayor’s Car Dealership”.

Kristin’s father was a Wing Commander in the Royal Canadian Air Force and one of his hobbies was gambling which Kristin claims that she herself inherited from her father. Kristin knows about almost each and every popular gambling website, one of those being Klasemen Liga 1, which she discovered after learning Indonesian language.

This video game and betting addict makes his wealthy industrialist friend envious

Galina Anantasu is an Aerodynamics expert who recently went to South India for a vacation. Galina was surprised to see that although India has millions and millions of expert engineers, it has extremely low number of Aerodynamics experts like her.

Galina cannot believe what some Indian Rishis (sages) told her. They told her that the prehistoric Indian doctors had the cure for plague and small-pox. They also told her that some of the Indian ayurvedic doctors can still cure AIDS, cancer and other fatal conditions.

Galina’s husband – Robin is a businessman who owns 2 different companies presently. One of Robin’s companies manufactures and retails music players while the other wholesales and retails SD cards, Micro SD cards, Compact Flash cards, MMC and Cfast 2.0 cards.

Robin was one of the students of one of the most popular motivational speakers of all time – Jim Rohn. Robin says that Jim Rohn’s dream of entering the detergent business remained a dream because of his premature death. Robin was certain that Jim will live to be 100.

Robin is still in touch with many students of Jim Rohn. One of those is a DVD player manufacturer from the Republic of China who has been looking to enter some other industry as the DVD player industry is almost dead now. He accuses Youtube, USB and Bluetooth for killing the DVD industry.

Another Jim Rohn’s student friend of Robin is a fruit and vegetable online store owner that provides delivery within 8 hours to 3 major cities of his state.

One more Jim Rohn’s student friend of Robin does nothing but plays video games all day all night long and bet on LSM99. Robin is envious of that guy as he comes up as a winner in most of the bets.

Bought a Saleen S7 with Qiu Qiu money this March and never planning to sell it

Bettina Ceballos says that it was always her dream to be a part of one of the law enforcement agencies of her country just like one of her elder cousins whom she admires the most.

Bettina loves to cook and her favorite food is anything Italian or Indian. Bettina loves West Indian food, North Indian food, South Indian food, Central Indian food, you name it. The most amazing thing is that she can cook whatever she loves. She regularly uploads her videos on the Youtube cooking her favorite Italian or Indian food. Bettina’s Youtube channel is not even monetized and she works so hard on it, just to help cook these dishes. She receives nothing but positive comments beneath her videos and over 95% likes most of the times.

Bettina buys a new car every month of March and this March she bought a Saleen S7 with the money that she won with betting on her favorite qiu qiu online website and she has fallen in so much love with the car that she is never planning to sell it.

Bettina owns a ceramic tile business which has been doing very well since the day of its inception. Bettina believes that advertising on television, newspapers, magazines to be a waste of time and money. She only uses MLM and affiliate marketing to promote her business.

Bettina has been following aeronomy and bioinformatics very closely for the past 2 years and she claims that both the fields are going to see a great revolution by the year 2033.

Bettina’s grandfather is a retired baseball player who is currently 80 years old. He still takes very little rest and has been volunteering for saving the environment for the past 5 years. He is really one of Bettina’s greatest inspirations.

Don’t buy a vehicle with low ground clearance for Brazilian roads, say Kaja’s friends but she bought one nonetheless with that Poker money

Kaja Gomes believes that buying a SUV if you are single, average height and don’t Do off-roading is a stupid decision and Kaja really walked the talk when she bought a sedan with the money she won through the most trusted Indonesian poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya). All of Kaja’s friends were and are buying crossovers or SUVs and they were telling Kaja to do the same but Kaja stayed stick to her decision of buying a sedan instead until she bought one. It has only been 3 days since she purchased her first car and all her friends are telling her that she is going to regret buying a sedan for the Brazilian roads.

One of Kaja’s classmates from the school bought a Bugatti Veyron about 3 years ago with all the money she inherited from her parents and is now forced to work at a McDonalds on hourly wages for the poor decisions that she made.

Kaja is very strict about where she spends her money and she says that one shouldn’t spend over 30% of her/his yearly income on buying a car.

Kaja has been using Youtube to make money for quite a while now and she has discovered some of her own ways to discover a right, genuine and honest Youtuber, one of which she claims is to check the number of positive comments that other Youtubers make on his/her videos and another one is to check his/her credentials to know whether the individual is eligible to speak about a subject or not.

Kaja has been studying animal behavior for quite a while now and she says that the difference between the nature of the emotions of a human being and that of an animal is phenomenal. Kaja says that no animal can have emotions like a human being and anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar.